Boulder Daily Camera

Boulder Daily Camera Editorial: Yes on Props 107 and 108
"Props 107 and 108 are a smart, constructive step ...We urge all Colorado voters to emulate the bipartisan spirit of the state's elder statesmen and approve these measures."
Denver Post

Vote “yes” on Propositions 107 and 108
"The changes would usher in more engagement, encourage broader and more thoughtful debate and ultimately provide better candidates to entrust with public office."
Colorado Springs Gazette

Props 107 and 108 improve the process
"Our system is broken and can easily be fixed with Propositions 107 and 108. Vote "yes" on both. It is a decision for better candidates, more participation and improved results."
Ft Collins Coloradoan

Editorial: Return to primary, open it to all
"Participation in the electoral process is well worth our support..."
GJ Sentinel

Vote yes on 107, 108
"Two closely related ballot initiatives that are good for the health of our democracy..."
Aurora Sentinel
Let everyone vote: Yes on props 107 and 108
"Democrats and Republicans will benefit by offering candidates more palatable to the electorate at large."
Greeley Tribune
We support primary changes. Yes on 107 and 108
". In their own ways, they each would allow for greater participation by voters in the democratic proces."
Durango Herald
'Yes' to 107, 108
"...the current system effectively disenfranchises too many people."


Turnout in primaries in Colorado is low – roughly 1 in 5 Colorado voters in 2014 picked candidates to run in November – and we need more people involved if we want the best candidate options.


More than a third (37%) of Colorado voters are unaffiliated. It’s not right to exclude more than 1.3 million Coloradans from our primary elections.


Freedom and independence are core Colorado values. Because all taxpayers pay for elections, it’s not fair to force voters who want to be independent to join a political party just to have their voices heard.
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Your financial contribution will help our work to bring a presidential primary to Colorado and to open taxpayer-financed primary elections to Colorado’s 1.3 million unaffiliated voters.