About Let Colorado Vote

Let Colorado Vote is dedicated increasing voter engagement and participation in every Colorado election – regardless of party affiliation.

The organization started as the supporters of Props 107 and 108 in 2016 which successfully reinstated Colorado’s presidential primary and opened our primary elections to all Colorado voters.

Colorado's first – and historic – open primary in June of 2018 demonstrated the power of smart reforms to our elections. Over 294 thousand unaffiliated voters and over 1.1 million total voters participated in June's open primary election – shattering previous records for participation.

In 2018 Let Colorado Vote joined with great partners to draft, support and pass Amendments Y&Z to help ensure Colorado' voting districts are drawn to ensure fair and effective representation for all Coloradans. 

These changes to Colorado’s constitution prohibiting gerrymandering were carried to victory by a wave of independent voters. Independents, who declined to join any party, cast more ballots than either Republican or Democratic voters for the first time in state’s history in 2018.

Let Colorado Vote continues to seek reforms which enhance the participation in, and competition and transparency of our democracy.