Bipartisan Election Advisory Committee

The Bipartisan Election Advisory Committee was established to “ensure every eligible Coloradan has the opportunity to participate in fair, accessible, and impartial elections.” If that is true, why are they opposing reforms allowing 1 million taxpaying voters to fully participate in our elections?

Their name says it all–bipartisan is not nonpartisan. When the group last met they spoke out against Propositions 107 and 108 to reinstate the presidential primary and open all primaries to all Colorado voters. Don’t let them play politics with your vote behind closed doors.

Tuesday September 13th we can send a strong message by standing together at the committee’s meeting. Join us Tuesday at 9:30 AM in the Aspen Conference Room, located on the third floor of the Secretary of State’s office at 1700 Broadway, Denver. Prior to the meeting campaign staff will be at the Starbucks at 9:00 AM on the first floor of the building to share a coffee and handout campaign materials including a free lapel sticker to show your support.

Let Colorado Vote will have representatives speaking on behalf of the campaign. You can speak or simply attend and demonstrate the citizens of Colorado are WATCHING and WILL hold the board accountable.

Can’t join us on Tuesday? Make your voice heard by emailing your support of Propositions 107 and 108 to restore a presidential primary and to open ALL primaries to Colorado’s 1.3 million unaffiliated voters.