Aren’t these too expensive given state budgetary concerns?


A presidential primary is estimated to cost about $5 million every 4 years. That’s .0004 (four-one-thousandths of 1 %) of the general fund over the next four years. Conservative estimates are that a presidential primary would have a 10x greater economic impact than what is spent to hold it.

If cost is your top concern, why not just ask statisticians to come up with a representative sample of 500 Colorado voters and let them vote? Or, how about saving the state the $5 million it costs to put on Democratic and Republican primaries every two years and let them select their candidates through assembly or some other means not paid for by taxpayers?

Don’t like those choices? Neither do we. Price shouldn’t trump participation when it comes to the most fundamental part of  the democratic process. Should our measures pass, voters will have said as much.