September 26, 2016
Contact: Jesse Hassinger

First ad schools voters on restoring presidential primary, opening Colorado primaries to unaffiliated voters

Ad to run on digital platforms, in TV markets across Colorado

DENVER — Today, Let Colorado Vote, the campaign dedicated to building consensus for policies to increase voter access and participation, launched its first advertisement of the election season.

"Can we play?" highlights the unfairness of Colorado's current election systems that limit participation and choice and urges voters to make our elections better by Voting Yes on Propositions 107 & 108.

"Thanks to our committed supporters from across the state, who share our desire for elections in Colorado that are more fair and inclusive, we have raised the resources to communicate our message broadly," said campaign chair Kent Thiry, Chairman and CEO of DaVita. "Propositions 107 and 108 are essential for strengthening our Democracy in Colorado by including the more than 1 million unaffiliated Coloradans who currently pay taxes for elections they are banned from participating in."

Here is a link to the ad that will begin airing today online and is planned to run on broadcast networks and cable systems in Denver, Colorado Springs and Grand Junction.