Don't you let politicians overturn your vote!

Update: Over 1,100 responded to this petition and the most egregious portions of the bill have been fixed!

Last November, voters approved Prop 108 - it gives Independents the right to vote in primaries. Politicians and political insiders fought tooth and nail to defeat the measure. But a wide coalition of Republicans, Democrats and Independents spoke clearly: we want open primaries. And we won.
Now Colorado State Senators Lundberg and Fenberg, and Representatives Neville and Foote are trying to sneak through a last-minute bill that subverts the will of the voters. It's a dirty trick pushed literally in the dark of night that will add unnecessary barriers to voter participation, threaten ballot privacy and violates the very ballot measure that voters just approved.
Tell Senators Lundberg and Fenberg, and Representatives Neville and Foote to respect the will of the voters and stop their effort to make it harder for unaffiliated voters to cast ballots in open primaries.
GOAL: 1,147 signatures

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