You fought back – and voters won!

We were dismayed when Colorado legislators tried to undermine the will of Colorado voters with the last-minute introduction of Senate Bill 305. But due to your overwhelming response, the core values of fairness and participation in our primary elections have been reaffirmed! Thanks to you, over 1 million unaffiliated voters will be able to participate fully in Colorado’s electoral process.

"The thousands of grassroots activists who helped enact the open primary law were frankly shocked that legislators would try a blatant end run around the will of the voters.  But thanks to the leadership of Senators Hill and Moreno and Governor Hickenlooper, the most egregious provisions of the bill were spiked. There’s still work to do, but the highest principle of 108 is intact – unaffiliated voters have the right to vote in a primary without being forced to affiliate with a political party. “ 

John Hereford, Let Colorado Vote Vice Chair

More than a thousand supporters like you rallied over the weekend to tell your legislators to respect the will of the voters. With the amendment offered May 8th, 2017 by Senator Fenberg your voice was heard. Together we have succeeded in eliminating the worst parts of Senate Bill 305 which would have led to de facto affiliation for unaffiliated voters – thank you!

Let Colorado Votes will continue to watch the implementation of open primaries closely – especially any provision that could compromise voter privacy or may decrease voter participation in primaries. We will also continue to seek an expansion of the Colorado’s confidential voter laws to include voters who, for personal or professional reasons, do not want to have their primary participation included in public voter registration records. 

The parties have shown they will continue to fight fair electoral reform and Let Colorado Vote will remain vigilant to protect the will of the voters in the courts, rulemaking and any venue partisan politicians attempt to silence voters.