For Immediate Release
June 19, 2018

Let Colorado Vote Releases Exclusive Poll on Independent Voters
2018 Marks First Time Independents Can Vote in Primaries

DENVER – Let Colorado Vote, the organization behind the successful 2016 ballot initiative to give unaffiliated, or independent, voters the right to vote in primaries, released a public opinion survey on independent voters’ attitudes today in advance of the first primary they can cast a ballot in.

The survey, conducted by Cygnal Research from June 5-7, exclusively polls likely independent voters, providing a unique look at what is important to these voters and the degree that campaigns have, or have not, attempted to mobilize their support.

In addition to the survey release, Let Colorado Vote is also launching a campaign to inform independent voters about their new right to vote in the state’s primary election. The campaign features an educational commercial which will run on broadcast and cable television. The educational commercial can be viewed online at

“We are early in our journey, as independents become aware of their new right and discover candidates they find exciting. In addition the parties and individual candidates are also early in their journey, to learn how to engage these voters,” said Kent Thiry, the Chairman of Let Colorado Vote and CEO of DaVita. “This infusion of new and engaged voters is great for Colorado.”

The survey found that 66% of independents have seen, read or heard about the primary candidates or from the campaigns themselves to 34% that had not. When asked if they had received any personal contact encouraging them to vote, 51% of independents reported no contact at all. Additionally, 46% of the respondents indicated they would participate in the Democratic primary, while 27% responded they would participate in the Republican primary. Only 19% of respondents said they would not vote.

On the issues that matter most to independents, Education led the way at 22% to Healthcare at 18% and Jobs and the Economy third at 16%. The poll also found a very different set of issues driving interest in each party primary, with independents saying they will participate in the Democratic primary listing Education (62%) and the Environment (64%) as their top issues, while independents saying they will participate in the Republican primary listing Immigration (58%) and Public Safety (52%) as their top concerns.

Independents surveyed were also asked their views of five candidates for governor. Among Unaffiliated voters that say they plan to vote in the Republican primary Walker Stapleton’s favorability is positive (35% fav / 16% unfav). Victor Mitchell’s image is similar to Stapleton among Unaffiliated voters that plan to vote in the Republican primary (35% fav / 10% unfav). Among Unaffiliated voters that say they plan to vote in the Democratic primary Jared Polis has the strongest image rating (61% fav / 13% unfav), followed by Cary Kennedy (52% fav / 12% unfav) and Mike Johnston (38% fav / 12% unfav).

June 26th will reveal whether campaigns and voters have taken full advantage of the opportunity offered by the new open primary in its first running, or if subsequent election cycles will be needed. Regardless or the outcomes at the ballot box, opening our elections to 1.2 million active unaffiliated voters has been credited with setting the stage for one of the most competitive Colorado primary election in decades.

The Survey of Likely General Election Unaffiliated Voters in Colorado memo and topline results can be found at: